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RUBCHEM has joined hands with MILT, to run homes for destitute children in four cities.

In these homes, the children are brought up exactly the way any other child is brought up. They are never made to feel as if they are recipients of social gratis and mercy. MILT believes that a child brought up without experiencing a normal childhood is a potential social outlaw.
These homes are called Snehalayas. Each MILT Snehalaya is run and administered fulfilling the regulations laid down by the State and Central Governments.

There are four registered Charitable Trusts in four cities that generate funds to run the Snehalayas. Apart from donating generously from their own pockets, Miltonians raise funds through fundraising projects like old newspaper collection drive, etc.
All the proceeds go to the Snehalayas. MILT Snehalayas are well-equipped homes with all facilities like refrigerator, TV, washing machines, etc., just like a middle-class home. Each Snehalaya accommodates a maximum of 15 children.

RUBCHEM has joined hands with PREMASREE’S founder Sri Biju Nair to educate and prepare visually impaired children and help them gain equal rights in society.

Premasree is a free residential home for visually impaired and blind children. Premasree began its operation as a registered trust in December 2012. It is built on a land area of one hundred thousand square feet and is situated at Jagulgachi village, 24Parganas(S), West Bengal.
Premasree has a team with hardworking and dedicated individuals like special educators trained in Braille, vocational trainers and counselors who impart knowledge, spanning across subjects ranging from Math, Science, English, Bengali, History, and Geography to Computer training. Apart from academics children here are taught the concept, formation, recitation, music, dance, sports, yoga, and other mobility activities.

All of the students have a visual impairment ranging from 40% vision to complete blindness. It is with utmost care that they are trained to handle their day-to-day affairs, which enables them to be self-dependent. Spanning across one hundred thousand square feet, Premasree is complete with organic vegetable gardens, poultry, a duck pond, and a cowshed. It aims to become a self-sufficient abode in due course of time, supporting two hundred and fifty children in residence.